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If you are a fan of online videos, you surely know YouTube, the most popular and widely used platform to watch and share audiovisual content. But perhaps you do not know that there is an improved version of YouTube, which offers you more functions and advantages than the original one. It is YouTube Vanced, a mobile application that allows you to enjoy your favorite videos without ads, with background playback, dark mode, and much more. In this post, we tell you everything you need to know about YouTube Vanced, how to download and install it on your Android device, and what benefits it has compared to the official YouTube application.

What is YouTube Vanced and how does it work?

YouTube Vanced is a mobile application based on YouTube’s source code, but with some modifications and improvements that make it more attractive and comfortable for users. Some of the most notable features of YouTube Vanced are:

  • Ad blocking: YouTube Vanced removes all ads that appear before, during, and after videos, allowing you to watch them without interruptions or annoyances.
  • Background playback: YouTube Vanced allows you to continue listening to the audio of the videos even if you exit the app or turn off your mobile screen. This is very useful if you want to listen to music, podcasts, or audiobooks from YouTube without consuming much battery or data.
  • Dark mode: YouTube Vanced features a dark mode that changes the white background of the interface to black, reducing eye strain and improving the viewing experience in low-light environments.
  • Speed control: YouTube Vanced allows you to adjust the playback speed of the videos, from 0.25x to 2x, to suit your preferences or needs.
  • Gesture control: YouTube Vanced incorporates a gesture system that allows you to control the volume, brightness, and fast forward or rewind of videos by simply swiping your finger across the screen.
  • Custom themes: YouTube Vanced gives you the option to choose from several color themes to customize the appearance of the application to your liking.

To use YouTube Vanced, you only need to download and install two APK files on your Android device: the first is the app itself, and the second is MicroG, a service that allows you to log in with your Google account and access all YouTube functions, such as your subscriptions, playlists, history, etc.

Why use YouTube Vanced instead of YouTube?

The main reason to use YouTube Vanced instead of YouTube is that it offers a more complete and satisfying experience when watching online videos. By removing ads, you save time and annoyance, and by allowing you to play videos in the background, it gives you more freedom and flexibility. In addition, with dark mode, speed control, gesture control, and custom themes, it offers more options and comfort to adapt the application to your tastes and needs.

Another reason to use YouTube Vanced is that it does not require rooting your Android device or modifying any system settings. You just have to download and install the corresponding APK files, and you can enjoy all the advantages of this application without risks or complications.

YouTube Vanced is a free and safe application that respects your privacy and does not collect or share your personal data. In addition, it is updated periodically to incorporate the latest news and improvements from YouTube, as well as to correct possible errors or failures.

In short, YouTube Vanced is a highly recommended alternative to YouTube if you want to watch online videos without ads, with more functions and with higher quality. Don’t wait any longer and download this application on your Android mobile now. You won’t regret it!

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