What is WhatsApp?

When it comes to communication, we can tell how important WhatsApp is. There’s no doubt that since its launch, it has changed the rules of how things go. Nowadays, it has become one of the main options for people to communicate, which is something awesome to know.

That’s why when we talk about apps, we can’t simply leave WhatsApp aside. It is an app where we can find everything we might need, from video calls, phone calls, text messages, stickers, and much more.

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Besides that, it has other internal features that are pretty amazing. People can add profile pictures, and stories to the app, share locations, and more. But in this particular case, we want to give you more information regarding everything the app can do for you in this particular case.

So, if you want to know more about what this app can do for you, you came to the right place today!

Features everyone should know about WhatsApp

When we talk about WhatsApp, there are a lot of things people have to know. The app itself is now owned by Meta, which was previously known as Facebook. So far, the app is available for use on different devices, such as mobiles, as well as PC, and tablets!

But that’s only the beginning of what we can tell about WhatsApp. We all know that this app is important when it comes to messaging, it was the pioneer for the communication apps to be recognized out there. The main feature is the ability to send as many messages as needed!

Besides that, we can find many other important features that make this app unique. We can tell the app allows people to share information, such as locations, documents, images, audio, videos, and a lot more!

So far, we can tell we are seeing what we can tell is the perfect app for many of us. No one can deny the fact that, in this particular case, WhatsApp is what most people need in their daily activities.

Yet, we are curious about something. Can people actually fully rely on WhatsApp? Can they show the world who they are in this app? The answer is a total yes!Thanks to features such as profiles, pictures, stories, and even the chance to have a personalized message in your profile is something unique!

So, if you didn’t know all these things about WhatsApp, it is time for you to go ahead and try them all right now!

FAQs about WhatsApp

We might have doubts about how it will work whenever we use an app. What can we tell about WhatsApp? Let’s see!

Can people share unlimited videos and images on WhatsApp?

Yes! As long as you have space to save all these images and videos, it shouldn’t be an issue for you to make it.

Can people have more than one WhatsApp account on their devices?

No. As for now, people are limited to only using one WhatsApp account on their devices due to different limitations.

Is it required to have a phone number to use WhatsApp?

Yes. People must have a valid phone number that is not linked to any other account out there. So, that’s something you must consider whenever you want to use this app.

Is my WhatsApp profile linked to Facebook or Instagram?

No. These three apps work separately from one another, so there’s no need to worry about anything here!

Can people see when I’m online on WhatsApp?

Yes. But that’s a feature people can take out from their profiles; that way, people won’t see when you are online, but you won’t have the chance to see that info from their profile.