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Throughout this article, we will explain how to download OneNote and its main features, which make it a unique app.

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What is OneNote?

For some people, taking notes and remembering things can become very bothersome if they don’t have the proper tools near them. But there is a way to simplify things. You may now easily arrange your thoughts and simplify certain aspects of your life with just one app. What are you waiting for to download Microsoft OneNote? With it, taking notes will become one of the favorite activities for people out there!

Some characteristics you should know about OneNote

  • OneNote allows users to create material that can be used offline or online, making it fairly simple to use even when they don’t have access to an internet connection.
  • Taking notes can be done more creatively when people save graphics and pictures in their notes. Thanks to OneNote, this is something easy to do from people’s cellphones.
  • OneNote makes it simple for users to divide their notes into several categories within the same program to keep everything tidier with ease.
  • OneNote users may construct to-do lists, follow-up items, and more, allowing them to organize their notes in various ways without using more than one app.
  • There is no need to worry about forgetting things when switching to another mobile or tablet because people may sync their notes to other devices by logging into the app with the same Microsoft account.
  • You may put Post-it notes on your home screen using OneNote to avoid logging into the program. It is pretty useful for daily reminders, for example.
  • When it comes to saving voice notes, OneNote has an option for people to keep voice notes stored in the app alongside written notes.

Some FAQs about OneNote

What is OneNote used for?

OneNote is used for taking notes, recording voice notes, and it can even be helpful for storing pictures, and a lot more!

Is OneNote free?

Yes. OneNote is part of the free Microsoft software available for use without needing to purchase one of the Microsoft packages.

Does Office 365 come with OneNote included?

Yes. Office 365 integrates OneNote as part of the package.

Is OneNote worth using?

If you need an app to take notes, save important stuff, and even save pictures, it is a must-use! It is easy to use, doesn’t takes too much space on your phone, and it is easy to sync to other devices!