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With everything we have to do these days, we are all quite busy, and a lack of structure may make things chaotic, especially when we are talking about team working. There are numerous ways to organize, but one in the digital age allows you to streamline your efforts and make it simpler for you and your team to stay informed, structured, and linked in one location.

Microsoft Teams is a collaboration app that enables remote meetings between team members in a fast and easy way, allowing people to improve their performance. So continue reading if you’re curious to find out more about all the fantastic things everyone using this app can find!

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What is Microsoft Teams?

Making team collaboration easy is the primary goal of the cloud-based technology known as Microsoft Teams. Teams are a part of the Microsoft product line. Its primary purpose is to serve as an enterprise messaging platform for both internal and external users to collaborate and communicate in real time. By using this app, you and your team partners can exchange calls, meetings, and documents as well as audio and video.

Teams can be used by businesses of any size to improve team collaboration. Users have the option of working remotely or in the same office. They can use a desktop or mobile device to access Teams.

Some main characteristics of the Microsoft Teams app

The simplicity and usability of the Microsoft Teams app are one of the key advantages it has. Additionally, Microsoft offers excellent user training materials online. These materials are provided as a number of easily compressed films that demonstrate various actions and tasks that can be carried out inside Teams.

Teams can be formed on this app to group people together easily and fast; a key concept is that individuals are put into groups of workers for a certain project or work area. Through what is known as channels, the software enables their connection. This keeps them informed of any workflow updates or happenings that are important for everyone. Teams can benefit from maximizing their efficiency and output by each member knowing what their jobs are and how to complete them.

Another feature of Microsoft Teams is channel creation; if a team is built using a theme area, the various channels are connected. Team members can interact without using email by engaging in these conversations on various subjects. As users submit ideas and have in-depth discussions about them, it nearly feels like a real-time chat.

In order to discuss subjects outside the scope of the group area, it allows for chats, a tool that is best used as a parallel discussion forum between team members within a channel. These might also be private, which can help to make private team groups with ease.

You can make calls. Customers outside the company can be called, and users can also receive and make calls from landlines and mobile phones. Keep in mind that a calling plan is necessary for this. Users can work with clients outside of their enterprises to join internal channels for messaging, meetings, and file sharing by using Microsoft Teams’ guest access function.

Through “Channel Notifications,” which show updates on things of interest in closed channels, activity feeds can be performed. Additionally, Microsoft enables you to host scheduled or spontaneous online meetings. One of the key advantages of Teams is the ability to share files.

Some FAQ you should know about Microsoft Teams

On which devices can people use Microsoft Teams?

People can start using Teams on devices such as PCs, iOS, and Android devices.

Can people find a Premium version of the Microsoft Team app?

Actually, there are some “premium versions” we can find. Microsoft Teams (free), Microsoft Teams Essentials, Microsoft 365 Business Basic, and Microsoft 365 Business Standard are the four versions that you may choose from.