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Throughout this article, we will explain how to download Google Classroom and its main features, which make it a unique app.

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What is Google Classroom?

Google created Google Classroom as a virtual classroom to help students and teachers communicate better. Access to the platform is open to anyone with a Gmail account. It makes it easier to divide up duties and arrange notes while also reducing the need for paper. Teachers will design classrooms with their pupils where they can place assignments, texts, audio files, pictures, videos, and grades.

Some characteristics you should know about Google Classroom

  • With Google Classroom, teachers and students may communicate virtually in a way that mimics a real classroom. It’s also the greatest software for teachers to use to calculate student performance because of its analytical features.
  • As technology is a vital part of people’s lives nowadays, Google Classroom is an excellent solution due to everything it offers and how easy it is to use it.
  • The outlook for Classroom is excellent. It makes things easier for people who need to have a good virtual classroom for both teachers and students.
  • Google Classroom is free, simple to use, and available on all devices, from smartphones to computers.
  • Google Classroom allows teachers to create new assignments easily and allows students to upload their tasks to the same platform to keep everything tidy.
  • Students can communicate with their teachers through Classroom if they have a doubt regarding one of their tasks or if they are having issues with the platform.
  • The app will always notify whenever a new task is available on the app, which means students will never miss anything related to a task in the Classroom.
  • Both teachers and students will only need a Gmail account in order to participate in a Classroom session. There’s no need to sign up for the app itself.

Some FAQs about Google Classroom

Do you need a Gmail account to use Google Classroom?

Yes. As Classroom is an app delivered by Google, everyone, including teachers and students, will need access to a Gmail account to participate in the app.

Can I use Google Classroom without the app?

It will depend on which device you are trying to get to the Classroom app. In computers, it is accessible through browsers, and the same happens for cellphones, but in this case, the website will recommend you to download the app instead.

Can teachers control what you do on Google Classroom?

Actually, no. The Classroom is an app that is not intrusive at all regarding students’ information. Teachers will not know who saw the task they uploaded, but they can tell who is part of the classroom they created. Therefore, they won’t be able to control what someone does in the app.

How do students get classroom codes in Google Classroom?

As soon as teachers create the classroom, they can share the code with students through email or apps such as WhatsApp.